High Risk Transportation Security Europe

High Risk Transportation Security entails the Security of valuable loads and/or loads that are susceptible to theft. Voois & van Brederode B.V. distinguish themselves with regard to other companies by not offering all forms but by specializing in discreet transport security. (For example transportation of exclusive art objects.)

This specialized transportation, like all of our other services, is carried out by security guards who have a government background. Our vehicles are representative and equipped with the latest technical tools that assure safe transport. One of these tools is a GPS system with a panic button feature. During the rides we are in direct contact with the Dutch National Police Services Agency (KLPD) and our PAC (Alarm Receiving Centre), which can respond quickly in emergencies and take appropriate action.

Through close collaboration with foreign governments, we can escort the transport of your valuables in a very professional manner throughout Europe.

Voois & van Brederode B.V. has access to a GPS server, if desired, the client can follow the transportation 24/7 on the Internet.