Corporate and personal security (4)

Personal freedom and that of the people around you is not always obvious. In some professions / positions, you are more vulnerable then others. Someone with a high position or status simply is at a higher risk to be threatened, extorted, or even be taken hostage. This may even threaten the safety of the people close to them. In corporate conflicts things sometimes escalate considerably. There are instances where it is desirable or even necessary to engage security professionals in order to ensure personal safety.

The specialists of Voois and Brederode B.V. are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world, because security simply is not a "9 to 5" affair. Our security guards are always professional and discreet, taking into account your needs and circumstances. Our presence should be perceived as a benefit and not a disadvantage, that is our goal.

Corporate and personal security by Voois and Brederode B.V. consists of the following disciplines:

Analysis and advice Analysis and advice

We can arrange a security audit and/or risk analysis to check the security measures within your family or company and update them if necessary, this will also enlarge... Read more..

Preventive observation Preventive observation

Preventive observation focused on containing criminal acts in an early stage and subsequently acting on that. Past experience has shown that hostage-taking of VIP's is... Read more..

Personal Security Personal Security
In some situations it may be desirable for the client and /or their family members to have a private security guard close by to monitor potential irregularities and thereby... Read more..
Pre- employment screening Pre- employment screening
A pre-employment screening is a necessary procedure to ensure that the job applicant is who he/she says and whether he/she is suitable for the job he or she is applying for. Read more..