Company Profile

Voois & van Brederode B.V. "Security Solutions" was founded in 2008 by Marin Voois and Danny van Brederode. Both have been employed at governmental organizations specialized in public security for 28 years.

Marin Voois and Danny van Brederode have build-up their extensive experience within the Public Police forces, Military police forces and special Forces units where they qualified for a number of special duties and were actively involved in VIP escort, Close protection assignments and Investigative Research.

Voois & van Brederode B.V. stands for PROFESSIONALISM, QUALITY AND DISCRETION.

All the knowledge and experience within the company in combination with top ranks in the world of Security make it possible to deliver a top-quality security package that can be customized to your individual needs.

Voois & van Brederode B.V. is registered with the Department of Justice under number POB 1136 (Private Investigation) and ND 2797 (Security), we are also registered with the governmental body controlling the privacy of peoples identity and protection of personal details.